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In Solidarity with the people of Mumbai

The events in Mumbai have left most of us shocked and dismayed over the narrow mindedness and myopia of the perpetrators of these heinous acts. Our hearts and prayers are with our indian brothers and sisters at this time of distress.

Let me say something here, such a sophisticated and meticulously planned onslaught cannot be implemented by any one (irrespective of who or what they may be called) without the aid and or connivance of people in the higher echelons of power.I have not been following this story due to looming submission deadlines, but from what i gather this level of planning is impossible without support from people who know the system.And i am no conspiracy theorist. At this point natural inclination would be to say i am wrong, but only time will tell.

RantingsbyMM has also blogged about this with a link to a petition which can be signed.


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