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Guru and Indi debating Sri Lankan issues on Al Jazeera

My good friend Guru and Indi Samarajiva debated issues on Sri Lankan politics and the way forward just a couple of hours ago on Al Jazeera’s The Stream.

I met Guru for dinner last night and we discussed some of these issues on a very casual level, I knew the outcome of this debate long before it started.

My personal opinion on this video, followed by the twitter conversation Indi, Guru and I had afterwards is that Guru clearly comes out on top. His argument was clear and concise, Indi’s on the other hand stemmed from a more cosmetic and idealistic perception of the sufferings of those in the North and East which seemed out of touch with ground realities of those at the grassroots.

It doesn’t help Indi that his connection timed out (or so I like to think) a little after Guru threw a barrage of arguments, and he goes on to say ‘I am not a very good Sinhalese’. Which begs the question, who was he representing ? By his choice of argument one would understand that he certainly didn’t represent a holistic ‘Sri Lankan’ identity, surely not – and he proceeds to reinforce this ambiguity furthermore by saying what I have quoted above. Guru on the other hand had a stronger sense of what he stood for.

This is purely my opinion, to be fair to both Guru and Indi watch the video above and make up your own minds.


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Of Boats, Reflections and Water

As I have mentioned here, I am making a conscious effort to blog more often. Many things have kept me occupied, however I should have more time on my hands after the 19th. Hopefully I will be blogging a lot. These are two images I took in Chester. I quite like the way they have come out, hope you like them too!

For those of you don’t know I started a facebook photography page a few months ago, I have not given it much publicity – in fact this is the first time I am mentioning it in any blog of mine. If you like my photographs, do like it here! Ninety Nine people have ‘liked’ it thus far, you may be the hundredth! Thank you.

Have a great week!

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Upon England's Mountains Green

A couple of weeks ago I went to The Peak District on a camping trip with my good friend Kevin and another friend Shae. I saw the lush green of England displayed at its absolute best!

I will post more images of our trips over that weekend. This picture for some reason reminds me of this hymn, and it makes me miss the trip more than ever!

Have a great weekend!

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Kumar Sangakkara’s Cowdrey Lecture

I listened to today’s Cowdrey Lecture by Kumar Sangakkara delivered at Lord’s Cricket Ground. I can’t help but admit that I was very moved listening to it.

I used to have reservations about him, but the content of his speech gives a strong indication of how much his attitudes are underpinned by a resolute ideological awareness.

It is indeed a must listen for all Sri Lankans. I am usually not the type to post the rubbish pro-govt types put up and say ‘for all Sri lankans’. But listen to his speech here first and judge if I was right to say ‘for all Sri Lankans’.

The Guardian too has put up a piece on his speech here.

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