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Guess I am Back


I am back to blogging is what I meant to say. For those of you who have been in this long enough I have been blogging here since May 2006. But over the last year I have been inundated with a lot of things and never really got the chance to blog properly for one reason or the other.

I am beginning to feel now that I may be able to sustain a practice of blogging, so here I am, back to blogging though I am walking into the cold water rather slowly, and on tiptoes – not that I that fear I will disturb anyone with too much noise, but you get the gist.

Unlike in my old blog, I will be blogging as myself and not as Aufidius. But my twitter is linked to this blog, so I will be keeping that alive. I am moving away from Blogger to WordPress for various reasons really, mostly because I prefer a fresh start and that WordPress is somehow more appealing than Blogger.

If you have been reading my blog or following me on twitter, you possibly know the kind of things I am likely to have an opinion about. So if it interests you, go on then – keep an eye open.

Those of you who have included my old blog in your blogroll, please change the link to the link of this blog – I am keeping the same old name, ‘Navigating on Balance’.

That’s that then, quite a few things to get out of the way, so I will be slightly more active in this blog after the 18th December.

Enjoy your weekend. 

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London snow – November 2010

London was absolutely miserable the whole of last week! At least it didn’t snow over the weekend. As I type this it is -3 degrees Celsius in London. The whole of last week snowed and it was apparently the worst November in at least 60 years, and the past tense of ‘snow’ is not ‘snew’.

I have been in this country for 4 years now and this November has been absolutely brutal! I remember going on site visits to open lands in Hounslow, London last November wearing just a shirt and a jumper. I was fully covered the last few days when I used to go out. I am generally resistant to the cold in London having spent most of my time in Newcastle which is arguably the coldest part in England, however I found London very cold this winter – God protect the poor buggers in Newcastle!

Here are a few pictures I took when my hands were so cold that they were burning! Yes, a sensation felt only by those who have lived in extreme winters. By ‘extreme’ I mean cold European winters, not the ones at the poles. Poles meaning, north and south – just in case.

Not the best photographs, but I like to use my blog as a sort of palimpsest where I record information for my own reminiscence later on. Hope you find them interesting too!

Outside my room window on 30.11. 2010. The roads are usually deserted, but the main roads may have been blocked due to the weather – hence the traffic

At the park near my house.

That’s me going back to my childhood. Three ways I can die :

1. Of hypothermia.
2. The weather beaten rope loosing tension and tearing and my head hitting the rock solid ice at least five feet below.
3. The three trunks converging at a point and plunging me to my death, it’s mathematically impossible that the trunks itself will hit me though.

Of course I didn’t die. Yet.

Oh, Graeme Swann just wrapped up the Australians in Adelaide and England lead the Ashes 1-0.


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For the safety of Aufidius

Stone at the exhibition collection at the Roman Baths, Bath.

Image explaining the stone, which dates back to the first century ad, when Britain was under the Romans.

Of course, my pseudonym, Aufidius is not based on the Aufidius featured in this post. Rather, it’s based on Tullus Aufidius, a character in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. I played Aufidius at the Shakespeare Drama Competitions for College a few years ago.

Coriolanus the film is currently being produced with Gerard Butler as Aufidius.

I have been rather occupied with a lot of things, including moving house. Just settling in and I hope to post more images of my trip to Bath.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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The Flowers,Pollens and the Towers.

Macro of white flowers taken with towers as the backdrop. University of Cambridge.


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The London Eye – Panoramic

Panoramic Image of the London Eye taken on New years eve, 2009.

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