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All alone one day

Two images I took when I was at home.

The one on top was taken when I was staying at the Polonnaruwa Rest house, a beautiful building cantilevered onto the lake, I am told it was hastily built as a place where Queen Elizabeth II can stay when she visited Sri Lanka I think in 1952.

I was staying there with some friends and they all left me after a few days as I had to stay an extra day to finish some commitments, naturally I was feeling a bit lonely after having spent so long in the company of my friends. Then all my phone could do was make calls and recieve them and send and recieve texts, facebook was relatively new and twitter was unheard of. If I recall right, this was taken in 2007, and justifiably insinuates my frame of mind at that moment in time.

The second picture was taken from the terrace of the Mt Lavinia hotel, obviously this guy doesnt feel lonely, his friends were swimming around him as if he was seeking refuge on top of that rock from a bunch of Piranhas, albeit the picture suggests otherwise.

Somehow, the second picture reminds me of this incident and hence I don’t really appreciate the stories that flood my mind when I see it.


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On a night out with the dead

Last Friday was a rainy night in London. The Central line was not working so I had to take the Victoria line to a stop a bit further away from home and walk past an eerie cemetery. I thought that for some reason the usually dismal and happiness-sucking place was encapsulated in a positively nonchalant ambience accentuated by the way it was lit, mustering my courage to (brave the cold rain) I walked into the cemetery, sat on good ole James’ (d 1926) tombstone and took this photo of the church in the graveyard, the trees and the tombstones.


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The Tripod,Reflection and the Sunrise.

Reflection of my friend Richard trying to capture the sunrise. Tynemouth, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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Sunrise at Whitley Bay

Sunrise at Whitle Bay, Newcastle upon Tyne. Also seen is the silhouette of the Priory.


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The London Underground

Image of the Oxford Circus undeground tube platform of the Central Line in the London Underground system.

I think there was industrial action taking place on the day I took this photograph, if not getting an image of a central line platform with no people is a near impossibility.


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The Elephant and the Mahout


I must confess the timing of this shot was very accidental, nevertheless its interesting that I managed to capture the man jetting out a spurt of water from his mouth!

He possibly is a Mahout after a wash of himself and the great mammal beside him.


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Flamboyant Sri Lankan Girls

I can’t recall if I have posted this picture before. This is a picture I took of some village girls in a saltern in Puttalam, Sri Lanka.

Possibly because of the vivid colours and natural expressions this is a personal favourite of mine, and only reminds me of how much I miss home, and how I long to take more photographs in Sri Lanka.


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